The on-demand coaching program you need to break the habit of drinking + build a life you love without alcohol - without hating the process.




The coaching program you need to break the habit of drinking + build a life you love without alcohol - without hating the process.



But after trying to drink less over and over again, you feel stuck, defeated, and tired.


I've been where you are.

  • You love having a drink at the end of the day, but waking up at 3 am sucks and going to work with a hangover feels like shit
  • You’ve told yourself that you’re going to take a break from drinking, but by 6 pm your resolve has vanished
  • You feel tired, anxious and irritated all the time
  • The way you're drinking is unsustainable, but you can’t imagine your life without wine



But after trying (and failing) over and over again, you feel stuck, defeated, and tired.


I've been where you are.

  • You love having a drink at the end of the day, but waking up at 3 am sucks and going to work with a hangover feels like shit
  • You’ve told yourself that you’re going to take a break from drinking, but by 6 pm your resolve has vanished
  • You’re tired of making and breaking promises to yourself
  • You feel tired, anxious and irritated all the time
  • You know the way you're drinking is unsustainable, but you can’t imagine your life without wine
  • You're scared of how your life would look and feel without drinking, but you know you deserve better than what you're doing right now



What if you could...

  • Sleep through the night and wake up rested
  • Start your day feeling healthy and good, not sick and shaky
  • Feel less anxiety and irritation, no matter what your day threw at you
  • Lose weight + look better with clear eyes and skin, a less puffy face and no bloating
  • Get to 6pm and not desperately want to drink a glass (or bottle) of wine
  • Relax and actually enjoy your evenings without a cocktail

I get it. It’s hard to imagine your life without happy hours and wine glasses.

But take a deep breath – I’ve got you.



How much better would life be if you...

  • Slept through the night and woke up rested with clear eyes and energy
  • Started your day feeling healthy and good instead of sick and shaky
  • Felt less irritated and more able to cope and enjoy your family
  • Remembered all the shows you watched and the conversations you had
  • Felt less resentful and defensive and more open and trusting
  • Were confident and proud of the way you looked and felt everyday
  • Had more time, money and energy to do things you love

I know it’s hard to imagine your life without happy hours and wine glasses.

But take a deep breath – I’ve got you.


The Sobriety Starter Kit


The private, empowering + on-demand coaching course designed to help you stop drinking and build a life you love without alcohol.


What makes The Sobriety Starter Kit different?


The Sobriety Starter Kit is a 4-Step Coaching Process to break free of drinking and step away from alcohol as your constant companion.


You'll learn

  • HOW to stop drinking - without white-knuckling it or relying on willpower, fear or shame. 
  • Exactly what you should do on Day 1 + 2, Day 5, Day 16 and all the rest
  • The specific framework you need to break the habit of drinking
  • How to enjoy, relax and cope with life without alcohol, in real-life situations 
The Sobriety Starter Kit is the complete how-to and strategy program that will take you through the steps I do every day with my one-on-one private coaching clients to help them drink less and live more.

By the end of this program, you'll be able to:

  • Navigate our drinking obsessed culture confidently and happily - without a buzz
  • Sit with your emotions when you’re lonely or angry, frustrated or overwhelmed
  • Self-soothe without a drink
  • Turn your decision to stop drinking from your worst-case scenario to the best decision of your life.


  • You’re a busy woman who has realized that drinking isn’t working in your life anymore.
  • You've tried to moderate on your own and haven’t been successful.
  • You’re not into 12-step meetings, sponsors, calling yourself an alcoholic or saying you’re powerless over alcohol
  • You’re looking for private and positive support to quit drinking with a clear road map for success and defined milestones along the way.
  • You want an empowering plan that will meet you where you are with resources, tools and guidance to get you where you want to be.
  • You’re ready to see how amazing you can feel without alcohol.

You can break out of the drinking cycle without relying on deprivation, shame, blame or willpower.


Step 1: Build Your Sober Foundation

You'll learn how to:

  • Assess your environment, what you drink, when you drink, your work and home schedule, routines and habits so you can break your habit of drinking in a simple and easy way
  • Understand your triggers so you can minimize them
  • Know what to eat, drink, and have on hand so you don’t feel deprived
  • Plan for your first few days, your first weekend and second week so you can get through the hardest part and not start over
  • Survive cravings during the witching hour so they’ll get easier, shorter and less frequent
  • Track and celebrate your progress so that you’ll feel pride in your accomplishments
  • Reward yourself for the work you’re doing without alcohol so that not drinking feels like true self care

Step 2: Build Sober Muscles

You'll learn how to:

  • Talk to your partner, friends, family, children and co-workers about this “not drinking thing” so that you’ll feel comfortable and empowered

  • Avoid labels and judgement (your own and those of others) so that you’ll feel proud and strong of your decision not to drink

  • Navigate people, places and situations where you typically drink so that you’ll avoid drinking (+ starting over)

  • Work through evolving relationships with your partner, family and friends as you build new healthy habits that don’t include diving into a bottle of wine so that you’ll feel connected (not disconnected) through this process

  • Establish boundaries and overcoming people-pleasing tendencies so that you avoid overwhelm, resentment and exhaustion

  • Set up a self-care routine that works for you, your schedule and life so that you’re able to decompress and enjoy your life - not just tolerate your responsibilities

  • Navigate drinking events - holidays, date nights, dinner parties, barbeques, book clubs and business trips so that you feel confident in engaging in your life

  • Find sources of sober support that work for you so you don’t feel alone

Step 3: Up-level Your Mindset About Life Without Alcohol

You'll learn how to:

  • Dig deep into your beliefs around alcohol, how it is part of your identity and personality so that you can recognize how they’ve been sabotaging your success
  • Smash your limiting beliefs about what life will look like without drinking so that you’re excited about the incredible person you are without alcohol and the life you will live
  • Address your fears about what not drinking will mean for your social life and relationships so that you can create deeper and more fulfilling relationships with the people you love
  • Release your own judgement and labels about the choice to stop drinking so that you can let go of fears about what other people think, and the idea that others will believe you have “a problem”
  • Reframe quitting drinking as positive and empowering – a choice you are making to improve your life so that you can truly take care of yourself, your health, and your happiness
  • Feel excited about how full and exciting your life can be without alcohol so that you can move forward to fulfilling your dreams and desires
  • Get to the good stuff: plan sober dates, adventures, and fun

Step 4: Guard Against Relapse and Protect Your Sober Momentum

You'll learn how to:

  • Navigate unexpected and stressful sobriety challenges so that you don’t have to start over
  • Recognize the signs of “pre-lapse” so that you can take care of yourself, avoid overwhelm and double down on sobriety fundamentals when times get hard
  • Avoid self-sabotaging behavior so that you can replace old patterns with new responses, for positive outcomes

But don’t take it from me...

Here’s what other Sobriety Starter Kit graduates have said


8 complete coaching modules



1. How To Avoid The Mistakes Most Women Make In Trying To Stop Drinking

2. The Fundamentals of Building Your Sober Foundation

3. Your Quick Start Guide For Your First 2 Weeks

4. Your Reason, Vision, Habits, Triggers, Environment + Support

5. How to Break Out The Drinking Cycle Using The 4 Laws of Behavior Change

6. Building Sober Muscles + Momentum

7. Navigating Sobriety Challenges

8. Crush Your Fears + Shift Your Mindset



The Sobriety Starter Kit is the go at your own pace online coaching course designed to help you drink less + live more.


Here’s what you’ll find in The Sobriety Starter Kit

  • The framework, strategies + tools you need to stop drinking - without white-knuckling it or hating the process.
  • 40 on-demand video lessons that are effective, empowering + help you take action right away.
  • The support you need for each step of the process, available when you want it + on your schedule.
  • The coaching system I work through with my private 1-on-1 coaching clients, at a much more affordable price.

What's inside the course

Here's everything we'll cover in The Sobriety Starter Kit


1. How To Avoid The Mistakes Most Women Make In Trying To Stop Drinking

The 5 mindset hacks you need to think differently about not drinking. Understand the reasons that this coaching program is easier, more rewarding and more effective than a 30 Day “Challenge”, an Alcohol “Experiment” or a “One Day At A Time” approach. Dive into best practices to get the most out of your program.

2. The Fundamentals of Building Your Sober Foundation

No more guessing about what to eat and drink to reduce cravings - you’ll know exactly what drinks to have on hand, what to eat and when to eat in early sobriety.  Create a detailed plan for your day, the witching hour and evenings so that you’re able to get through challenges and triggers without drinking. Learn the step-by-step process for identifying treats and rewards that are not alcohol so that you feel rewarded and indulged, not deprived.

3. Your Quick Start Guide For Your First 2 Weeks

 A detailed plan for you to navigate Days 1-3, 4 + 5, your first weekend and week 2 with me holding your hand each step of the way. Understand why you physically want to drink and what to do about it. Implement the best practices for evenings, bedtime + sleep. What you need to know about willpower (and why it doesn’t work). How to recognize your ‘addictive voice’ and take away its power. What to do about feeling blah or bored.

4. Your Reason, Vision, Habits, Triggers, Environment + Support

How to make this time different and actually stop drinking. A map for outlining the reason you want to stop drinking and your vision for your amazing life without alcohol. Get real about your habits, triggers and daily schedule that drives you to drink. Take stock (and uplevel) your physical and social environment so you stop setting yourself up for failure. Exactly how to make yourself accountable and get support without labeling yourself or drawing too much attention to this ‘not drinking’ thing.

5. How to Break Out The Drinking Cycle Using The 4 Laws of Behavior Change

How to apply the science of  behavior change to break out of the drinking cycle. The 4 laws you need to apply to break a bad habit. How to create your “implementation intention” plan so that it sticks and why you need to focus on your trajectory, not your goal. How to let go of the myth that you’ve been failing because you lack motivation or willpower. How to create a positive, powerful, identity-based habit that will overcome triggers and temptation. 

6. Building Sober Muscles + Momentum

The specific tools you need in your sober toolbox. How to manage anger, loneliness, boredom, resentment, anxiety and joy without drinking. What emotional sobriety is and how it can help. The three different types of people who respond to you when you tell them you’re not drinking - and how to handle them.  How to turn a drinking breakdown into a breakthrough. The natural impulse to self-sabotage and how to overcome it.

7. Navigating Sobriety Challenges

How to navigate the mommy wine culture and drinking work culture without losing your friends. Exactly how to plan for holidays, events, parties, dinners out and date nights without alcohol and enjoy them. Understanding PAWS (Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome) what it is, how it feels  and when it can hit. How to protect your sober momentum when the going gets tough. How to recover from a sobriety setback.

8. Crush Your Fears + Shift Your Mindset

How to crush your fears about not drinking and limiting beliefs about life without alcohol. Creating your personal vision of who you are and what you can do now that you’re out of the drinking cycle. How to keep your vision front and center and bring it to life. How to keep ‘not drinking’ exciting and rewarding when the pink cloud fades.

Plus you’ll get these awesome bonuses

  • All the recommended resources – what to read and listen to – for your first 10 Days, Days 10-20, 20-30, 30-60, 60-100 and beyond.
  • Your Guide to Awesome Sober Treats
  • The Guide to The Best Quit Lit For Women
  • Your Complete Vision Board Starter Kit

Sounds Great! So how much does it cost?

When you join The Sobriety Starter Kit today you'll get instant access to:

  • The 5 Mistakes Most Women Make ($67 Value)
  • The Fundamentals Of Building Your Sober Foundation ($97 Value)
  • Your Quick Start Guide - Weeks 1 + 2 ($127 Value)
  • Your Reason, Vision, Habits, Triggers, Environment + Support ($97 Value)
  • The 4 Laws of Behavior Change ($127 Value)
  • Building Sober Muscles, Momentum + Staying the Course ($110 Value)
  • Navigating Sobriety Challenges ($110 Value)
  • Up-leveling Your Mindset ($97 Value)

+ Your Bonuses ($39 Value)

When you add that all up it's a total value of $871


Enroll + get the full program today for $349





I want you to be 100% confident when you enroll in The Sobriety Starter Kit.

There's literally no risk involved because you're backed by my 14-day money-back guarantee!

If you don't love it, I'll refund your money - no questions asked.

Hi, I'm Casey


Ex-red wine girl turned life coach, helping women create lives they love without alcohol.

Quitting drinking used to be my worst-case scenario and has turned out to be the best decision of my life.

For years my life looked really good on the outside, but I was anxious, overwhelmed - and drinking a bottle of wine a night to “unwind”.

I thought wine was the glue holding me together, helping me cope with my kids, my stressful corporate job and my busy life.

  1. I didn’t realize that my love-affair with drinking was making me MORE anxious and LESS ABLE to manage my responsibilities. 
  2. I had tried to cut back on my drinking for years without much luck.
  3. I made rules for myself about when, what and how much I would drink.
  4. I tried to shame myself every morning for drinking too much (again) and promise myself I wouldn’t open a bottle of wine that night.
  5. I read all the quit-lit books and I even walked into AA meetings for a few months, thinking that if nothing else had worked that would have to be the motivation I needed to stop.


I'd love to share an approach with you.

I would promise myself that I’d take a break from drinking. I’d get in shape, lose weight, get my head clear and wake up in the mornings with energy. And then I’d buy a bottle of wine on the way home from work.

I felt overwhelmed, unhappy and scared that I was going to mess up my life, my marriage, my kids and my health because of my drinking.

And I didn’t know how to stop - until I found the right approach. I finally figured out how to stop trying harder and how to try something different.
And now I’ve created that framework for you. It’s a coaching approach that’s practical, positive, incremental, empowering and based on the science of habit change.

  1. An approach that fit into my life and schedule, with my goals and dreams front and center.
  2. An approach that overcame my fears about how desolate my life would be without my bottle of wine, and replaced that fear with a life that felt good and one that I was genuinely proud of and grateful for.
  3. An approach that didn’t rely on labeling myself as powerful or shaming myself for past behaviors, but rather on being proud of myself for making a healthy and positive change to my life that I was excited about.

In order to stop drinking I needed to find a positive approach that didn't rely on labels and deprivation.

I can teach you the tried and true secrets of creating and living a life you don’t want to escape from.



My Training


I received my Certified Professional Coach (CPC) designation and my Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner Certification (ELI-MP) through iPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. iPEC is one of the largest and most respected International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited coach training programs in the world

Sobriety Starter Kit FAQs


If you've made it this far you owe it to yourself to experience the health and happiness you deserve without alcohol in your life.



There has never been a better time to get started.


Don’t let another month go by stuck in the drinking cycle.
If you keep doing what you're doing you'll end up in the exact same place. 

The only way to get a different result is to do things differently.




If you have any questions please send me an email. I'm here to help!

IMPORTANT: The role of The Sobriety Starter Kit and Hello Someday Coaching Services is not to provide medical services, or to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, condition, or other physical or mental ailments. The Sobriety Starter Kit is to be used only for educational and inspirational purposes. The Sobriety Starter Kit is not intended for individuals physically dependent on alcohol and offers no guarantee of your personal success. You are guided, not forced to do the work. Please make sure to read our terms and conditions page.